The Powerhouse Smoothie

Like everyone else, with such a demanding schedule, I struggle to maintain a balance between my work and personal lives. It always seems to come back to what I eat. And that brings us to…

raw vegan chocolate bars

Chocoholics, rejoice! Your favorite treat will no longer leave you feeling guilty, bloated, or quickly crashing after a much-needed fix. This recipe uses pure, raw, real-deal cacao (pronounced Ka-Kow), the heart of all chocolate. Don’t let Hershey’s or the FDA fool you- true chocolate is not mainly composed of sugar, artificial fillers and processed cocoa […]

creamy hawaiian kale salad

Friends, I ask you to join me in relinquishing that lifelong grudge against all things vegetable. For those of you that gag at the thought of a steamy, heaping pile of broccoli, consider your days of denial over. Sure, cupcakes sound more palatable than cauliflower, but they can’t help you fight cancer like their cruciferous opponent. I’m here to help you love your veggies. (And no, ketchup doesn’t count.)

Read on for the most divine kale salad recipe.

mustard dill summer salad

A visit to Gar Wang’s verdant oasis of a home in Warwick, NY is enough to make the most devout city slicker reconsider her choice of dwelling…and cuisine. It was a bright and moist morning as I removed my socks for the qigong class. Six of us were spread out in the dew-laden meadow facing an […]