Flu Shot in a Bottle: Elderberry Elixir

Simple to make, incredibly delicious and proven effective, this elderberry elixir has become a natural home remedy staple in our house! My auntie turned me on to elderberries a couple months ago. One bright December afternoon we sat around her kitchen table excitedly sharing our latest DIY projects and recipes. Suddenly she went quiet, her eyes widening to the other side of […]

Beeswax & Coconut Oil Face Cream

It’s estimated that honeybees must fly 150,000 miles to produce one pound of wax. That’s pretty spectacular. RESPECT. Here’s a recipe for a super simple, very nourishing, ultra-moisturizing face cream that only involves two, count it, TWO ingredients: beeswax and coconut oil. *Please use organic and unrefined whenever possible, especially with the beeswax as it […]


   Ok so I fibbed a lil- this is more of parfait than a smoothie bowl, but I’ve always wanted an excuse to use the hashtag. So there. It’s so very simple and incredibly delicious, so I had to share: Start with a base of maple flavored yogurt (I used Milkhouse brand 👌🏼), add sliced […]

homebrew kombucha

Kombucha is simply fermented sweet tea. Anyone can make it at home with the most basic tools.

Wild Fermented Sourdough Bread

I recently got THE best birthday present everr! My sweet, sweet friend Eliza (who does all the baking and desserts for both A Tavola and The Huguenot in New Paltz, NY) taught me how to bake a damned good loaf of bread. I finally feel I can die an accomplished woman. And it’s not just any […]

ch-ch-ch-chai chia

Chia seeds (yes, the same ones used with those adorably frightening chia pets, chia people, and, most recently, Chia Obama) are rich in protein (and complete protein at that!), omega-3 fatty acids (even more so than flax), and antioxidants. When compared to other good sources of fiber, chia reigns supreme, beating out even the dry figs and prunes grandma used to feed you when you couldn’t make #2 as a wee one. Read on for a simple and delicious chai chia pudding recipe…

maple pecan grawnola

Granwnola. Mmm-mmm-mmm! This is one of the most delightful, scrumptious & grounding raw foods there is. And it’s easy! I decided to go the gluten-free route and include sprouted buckwheat (also known as buckwheaties for their delicious crunch) instead of oats, so it took an extra two days for sprouting. If you are in a […]